About us

Our mission is to fight poverty, to create employment, and to support sustainable economic and social development by making expertise and experience available at low cost to small farmers, self-employed people and small companies.

The Missing Middle (TMM) combines technology with insights on expertise, to make access to expertise easier and more affordable.


We want to reduce the complexity and high cost, improving the client experience and results.

With our experienced, multi-disciplinary team, we strive to provide a tool that is transparent, objective, and cost-effective.


Our team combines over 25 years of experience in international development and digital applications.

Local Representation - Kenya



Evelyn Lusenaka is a Private Sector Association Management specialist from Kenya possessing extensive national and regional experience in the Agricultural industry and regulatory affairs acquired in over 15 years in both the public and private sector.


Research Assistant

Saweline Kimani obtained a BSc. in Horticulture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and attained skills on horticulture and coffee processing, eco-labels certification and trade, and Irrigation and Integrated Pest Management.

Management Team

Kasper Vrolijk has been a consultant for various international organisations and has extensive experience in economic research and policy. He holds a PhD in economics from SOAS, University of London.



Karinne van Dijkhuizen started her career with the Virgin Group, heading up finance & administration for their German operation. She has been on the board for both profit and nonprofit organisations in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and more recently Vietnam.

Finance & Control


Frank Eggink has 30+ years of experience as software engineer and architect in IT. He worked both for large companies and a number of startups.



Eric Otieno has 18 years of experience in the agricultural industry, working for a fresh produce exporter, developing supplier-linkages for Finlay's, Coca-Cola, and Tesco across the Sub-Saharan region, and working with foundations to set-up support programs for farmers.

Business Development


Supervisory Board

Nico Terra has worked as consultant and manager in the field of international cooperation and more specific in the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene. He was CEO of IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre in The Hague and general manager of the Dutch based WASH Alliance International.

Board Member


Pieter Marres started as UN-volunteer, became ambassador to Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and to Thailand, Myanmar/Burma, Laos, Cambodia. He was director at the Royal Tropical Institute.

His fields of expertise are diplomacy, economic affairs, development cooperation and operational auditing.

Board Member


Eric Kamphuis is a socio economist with 35 year’s experience in development co-operation as chief technical advisor, programme director, and short-term consultant. He had assignments in evaluations, capacity development, sustainable energy and TVET in Africa, Asia, Central/Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean.

Board Member


Thea Fierens has a broad experience in international development and politics, among others as a Director at the UN, NGO’s and Member of the Parliament

Board Member